The Infinite Eye

The Infinite Eye is a small orb, about 8 inches in diameter. It is true black, except for a small white circle the size of the end of a human’s thumb.

It was crafted, along with the other Artifacts of Shardi, by the emperor Gathangor to control his massive empire. The Eye, however, had capabilities far beyond Gathangor’s expectations, so he, in fear of destroying all that he knew, hid it deep in the vaults beneath his citadel.

Through the centuries, the Eye has been used only by a few. These few find it has the ability to control armies, destroy cities, and bring plagues down on their foes. This, however, is but a fraction of its power. When the Eye is used by one it deems worthy, it allows the user to gaze into, and change, the web of destiny, or see the answer to any question posed. It can view the true nature of anything, and alter it. It can see through any deception, hide any lie, and change fiction into fact. Through it, even gods may be controlled or destroyed.

The Infinite Eye could bring an end to existence with a single word.

The Infinite Eye

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