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Thousands of years ago, at the dawn of civilization, Gathangor, Supreme Mage-Emperor of the Shandi Empire, crafted many powerful tools, which he used to increase his power. There was, however, one artifact he created which he dared not use. An artifact of such world-shaking power that it could corrupt the purest champion of good, cleanse the darkest sin, level cities, build empires, and even dethrone the gods.

The Infinite Eye.

Centuries passed, and the artifacts Gathangor crafted were used by many, for good and evil, charity and ambition. One by one, the came to rest in the hands of powerful ruling families, scattered across the world. All but one. Deep in the darkest vaults beneath the ancient capital of Dath, secreted in the depths of the Underdark itself, The Eye lay waiting.

After countless years, a small party of adventurers ventured deep into the vaults, fighting demons and monsters not seen before, and never since, and discovered The Eye. As they journeyed back to the surface with their prize, the power of The Eye captured them. They fought, murdering each other, until at last only one emerged from the darkness.

Since then, the Eye has changed hands three times, each exchange marked by an era of chaos, strife and war. Now it is hidden from mortal eyes, high in the sky fortress of Arch Mage Aldan, above the sprawling city of Shard.

Main Page

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